Some Attractive And Useful Features In 8 Ball Pool Game

When I was paying the 8 Ball Pool game I found that there some very useful and attractive features which helped me a lot in designing, playing as well as enjoying the game. Using a particular Facebook photo as my profile picture was easy when I used the Facebook connect feature instead of the given Yo-me. I was guided step by step for every change that I wanted to make or anything which I could not follow. I bought the pool cues, chose the table frame color and pattern according to my choice and preference from the available options which are enough to spoil.

I even found sometimes that my resources and coins were going down even if I won and when I tried to find out the reason I found that the Auto Recharge was turned on for the cues I used. Heading towards the cue menu and tapping gently on a cue I owned I found another menu underneath which showed me the slider which enabled or disabled the Auto Recharge option. I simply slid it to red and the problem was solved. It is not that I had to go head over heels for my lost coins as I knew that the 8 ball pool hack was always there to help me out whenever I had little resource left with me.

One thing I noticed that choosing the right cue was very important to play the 8 Ball Pool game as all the cues come with different powers and have varied statistics. I could also buy chat phrases as well and could even reorder the phrases and turn the chat phrase on or off whenever I wanted to. I moved my favorite chat phrase to the top of the list in the settings menu which helped to select it easily while playing the game. I could also practice my shots and improve my game by playing alone, which is a special feature of this mobile version game.

Sending a trick shot video was also a feature which intrigued me and I attached it with a Facebook message and sent it across. There is a trick shot master class video available to help in the process as well as the blog posts on trick shot video making also helped me a lot. 8 Ball Pool game can be played both on personal computer or any Android mobile but cannot be played across two different platforms at the same time. There is a very high quality, knowledgeable support team who helped me out in several issues like when I was stuck with the lever of the Spin And Win.

I could contact the support team directly also through the official account of 8 Ball Pool game but as to me I found most of the features of the game is exhaustive itself to solve any kind of problem. Most importantly, I was allowed to put in my comments and suggestions about the game in the social account which I am sure would be taken into consideration during future updates.

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