Offense Strategy Is The Best In Boom Beach Game

There are several offensive strategies available in Boom Beach game and you will find that there are two primary elements in such offensive strategies. These are the makeup of your army and the arrangement of their deployment using the special abilities of the gunboats. Such special abilities help your troops which includes stun capability and various other dangerous skills. The most used one however are the barrage and the artillery which causes considerable damage to the buildings of your enemy. You should select the cannons and destroy them before deploying your troop or even change the order depending on the type of troop you want to deploy.

When you have militaries that have lower health units in Boom Beach game, like the riflemen and Zookas you should have a specific strategy for offensive attacks. In such cases if you attack defensive buildings with your artillery or barrage you will have more points and benefits. You can also use the rocket launchers having a high range and splash damaging ability so that you can wipe out most low health military units in just one series of shot taken. Apart from these you can use flame throwers and sniper towers because both can inflict high and long lasting damage in quick time.

There are several Boom Beach cannons and other cannons which you can also use for your offensive attacking strategy as they have several reasons and usefulness. They have a marginally high rate of firing ability and are destroyed consequently for the same reasoning precisely. Canons with one shot ability then it can also be prioritize it to a Boom Cannon to get the more desired effect and damage inflicted. Cannons eat away your heavies nicely and may also additionally deal with high damage to the high health units.

Another significant offensive strategy is the use of flares in Boom Beach which was previously known as smoke signals which are shot high up in the air. Such signals help your troops to find the way in the dark to reach to a designated place or to attack a specific building. If you can use the flares carefully then you can also utilize it to ruin the defensive buildings of the adversary’s like the sniper tower or the cannons. You can also combine the flare with a shock bomb so that it becomes easy for the warrior to rush to the HQ.

One advantage of the game is that troops are not consumed unless they die and therefore you can cure your injured troops with the medical kit. Though it has varied degrees of effectiveness depending on the type of weapon that caused the damage, it is useful in many ways. Apart from all these, the most important strategy of the game is to maintain your resources to upgrade your troops, buildings and weaponry for which you need constant supply of money. This can be easily achieved by careful use of boom beach cheats for generating resources and also to take some help in strategic planning.

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