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Risk In Playing MovieStarPlanet

Life is full of risks. From taking birth to death you deal with lots of threats. Some are small and some are beyond imagination. You can ignore threatening sometimes if it is up to you but you can’t sit relaxed when your kid is at risk. MovieStarPlanet is the most wonderfully designed game for kids. If you are parents then you may know about this game because most of the time your kid asked you to downloads this game in your Smartphone. If you want to know in deep about this game then you are on right place.

Good Things

Well, for a kid this game is awesome. All the tiny games and coins earning method will teach them the value of money. Kids have to earn money and there is no way like the shortcut for getting free coins from the game. the only other way of getting free starcoins is msp vip hack. This is not just going to provide you free starcoins even you will get much more things like diamond and VIP membership from this way. This is a tool which works to get inside your account and manipulate it. If you want to get starcoins then you have to work for it. You can complete all the tasks given in this game and the main thing is this game is all about fame so you have to make a movie. You can’t win without making a movie. You need a simple but impressive story. As much as you work hard for a movie as much as you will go high in the top player chart.

Bad things

Bad things about this game are that this is an addictive game for kids. They will keep on playing this game and they will less focus on study. This is the only simplest issue. There are many big issues like the risk of getting bullied. The first question comes to mind after listening to this word is “How a game can bully”. This is not the game who will bully your kid. This is a Massively Multiplayer Online game. Due to this feature, there are lots of people who can chat with your kid in the chatroom. And the most of the teenagers were seen bullying with small kids. Parents complaints that someone is talking so rudely with them and many times, they find the amusing conversation. Kids can have the bad impression on their mind.

Another issue was sexually abusing kids. This is actually also issue seen in chat but in the game, your kids have to have a GF or BF to keep going on the new level.

Brainwash is the last thing which can be seen in the chatroom. Kids have the sensitive heart and they don’t have enough brain to understand anything. If they are said anything negative they will learn it easily. So if your kid is playing this game then must stop them from chatting in the chatroom. Check their account chat time to time and check their friend list. If you find someone strange then must block them.

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