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Pop music artist Amber with Larry Flick
and Zelma Davis after a Sirius OutQ Interview.

Pop music artist Amber is a 16 year plus veteran of the dance music industry. She started in 1996 as a major label artist and, in 2004, after racking up an impressive string of hits and cultivating a loyal fan base, she became an independent artist by her own choosing.

Amber is not just on an independent label, however, she owns the label. She is in complete control of her career, cowriting and/or choosing her material, as well as self releasing, promoting and, ultimately, performing it live.

As an artist and a label owner, Amber speaks out on important issues that have impacted the dance music industry. After discovering that her singles

were being downloaded tens thousands of times for free, for example, she took her concerns directly to the fans. In a passionate two part blog (Part I, Part II), she let them know how illegal filesharing impacts careers and how it will ultimately destroy the music that they love. She also appealed to them directly to help her label identify sites that offer illegal downloads of her music.

Amber is also an activist who uses her voice to raise awareness about issues that matter to her. She is an outspoken advocate for gay rights and has gone on record supporting gay marriage. In addition, she has taken part in anti nuclear demonstrations and has helped to educate the public on the health risks associated with nuclear power generation.

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