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Amber talks about the re-release of her classic hits, Part III

Fruit Salad featuring Night Club Music Artist Amber, Part III
Interviewed by Rico and Pauly, November 28, 2007

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RICO AND PAULY: After "This is Your Night" broke, you had a lot of success with being on soundtracks and you had a string of hits. It must have been a great feeling to know that your creations were heard by a big audience.

AMBER: "Oh absolutely. I feel very blessed. You know when you say dance music, the genre usually consists of artists who have one or two hits and then they disappear. I have been blessed to have had some longevity. Right now, we all know the music industry has been taking some really big turns. That's why many years ago I asked for release [from my major label contract] because I saw a big change coming. I saw a chance to take a more unconventional route. Obviously, we lost a lot of radio stations. There are only a handful of stations left that will even touch dance music. Our promotional outlets are very, very limited. So what we are trying to do with my label is take an unconventional route [in terms of promotion]. It's really not about selling 500,000 copies. I am satisfied to sell way less as long as I can do what I like doing and at least I don't have to give anybody a part of it because the label belongs to me and the masters belong to me."

RICO AND PAULY: What I like about you is that you kept your artistic integrity. You are doing what you want to do, you can make enough money by touring and you are still being yourself.

AMBER: "And I can be independent. Being with a label is very stressful. They want you to say certain things and look a certain way. It can get to you if you don't have enough self confidence."

RICO AND PAULY: What do you think of the current state of dance music?

AMBER: "Well like I said the promotional outlets are pretty much gone. I mean we can talk about internet radio and the unconventional stations that are appearing. We have to rely on the social networks like youtube, myspace, facebook, friendster, There are so many outlets where you can get exposure."

RICO AND PAULY: Well the internet is the way of the future and you have mastered it. I mean you are the hardest working woman. Just doing research on you exhausted me. You have so many updates. Your fans just adore you because of that.

AMBER: "As an artist, I learned many years ago not to be distant to the people who support your career. Obviously, I have my limits in terms of how far I will go but they are the people who support me so why not show my gratitude in that way. I know that they are interested and they like to stay updated on certain things."

RICO: Privacy limits are privacy limits. But reaching out to your fans and hanging out with your fans, I also believe is very, very important. Speaking of fans, we have a question from Valerie.

VALERIE: Amber, when are you going to do a show in Arizona?

AMBER: "I actually have been in Pheonix quite a few times. I've been in Tuscon as well."

RICO AND PAULY: So Amber, you dropped six new singles in one day last week.

AMBER: "They were not new in terms of the songs themselves. It just so happened that there is a lot of hit material that I brought out many years ago. I started out in 1996 with "This is Your Night." So now along the way I brought out four full length albums with Tommy Boy and then endless singles from these albums. What happened though was they sold my catalogue up to but not including "Naked" to Warner. So none of these albums or songs could be found on digital distribution platforms [like iTunes and Amazon]. I kept getting complaints from fans that they could not find "This is Your Night" and "One More Night", the big, big songs. Those songs do not belong to me and Warner is not allowed to bring them out digitally because back then, it was not even an option. They will not physically produce them because physical CD sales are really down the drain. I mean one store after another is collapsing at this point. So I had re-recording clauses in my contracts for my own songs meaning that I could not even re-record those songs within a certain amount of time which has now lapsed. Now I can re-record these songs in different productions and put them out there on my own label and that's what I'm doing. My plan is to eventually release my entire catalogue of hits digitally."

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