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Amber talks about the re-release of her classic hits

Fruit Salad featuring Night Club Music Artist Amber
Interviewed by Rico and Pauly, November 28, 2007

__Night Club Music

RICO AND PAULY: Today's guest is dance diva Amber. I am so excited to have her cause girl I be knowing those songs. How ya doing baby?

AMBER"I am doing good. How are you guys?"

RICO AND PAULY:: So happy you're here. I cannot tell you how many times I have shaken my ass to your songs.

AMBER"I bet you did. I always say to my Mom that I cannot make a relationship with a straight man work. I said my God the boys they are just my destiny. I am just blessed to be with the gays. I don't know why but that is just the way it is. You just seem to love my music and love everything about me so I get everything else but ..."

RICO AND PAULY:: We'll give you everything baby.

AMBER"Oh no, not everything" (laughs).

RICO AND PAULY:: Why do you think that the gay community has embraced you so well and why do you think that you have such a big gay following?

Night Club Music

AMBER"Well, at one point, I had a gay A&R man years ago and he was most likely gearing me towards the gay market. But I think that there is also something to say for dance music and uplifting music in general. I think that a lot of gay people have to deal with a lot of issues, you know, like coming out to their families. Sometimes it is a tough thing to handle because it is not something that is chosen, it is something that is there and you have to deal with all the circumstances, with many people looking down on you based on who you are. I think based on that, they may be a little bit more attracted to uplifting and happy night club music. They seem to have a great time."

RICO AND PAULY: Yeah, you know once we come out of the closet, we come out full force dancing to Amber.

AMBER"Based on all the stories that I've heard, I think that I make people gay. My music makes people gay. You were not gay before you heard my night club music."

RICO AND PAULY: If you want your kids to be gay, just play Amber music while you are pregnant.

AMBER"Exactly. Quite honestly, I never planned it. If you look at the song "Yes", for example, it includes the word breast and no gay boy would be interested in that. I never geared my music towards a certain group of people. It just grew over the years. And God I am blessed with that because they stick with you through thick and thin. They are a very loyal fan base to have. So I am very excited because I can work when I'm fifty, you know."

RICO AND PAULY: But your music is consistent. You're an amazing singer. I've been doing some research and I watched the current performances on YouTube and you sound amazing.

AMBER"Well thank you."

__Night Club Music
RICO AND PAULY: Let's take you back just for a minute. Both your parents had strong musical backgrounds, right?

AMBER: "Yeah, my mom is a piano teacher and a songwriter. She actually wrote a few things with me and also wrote a song by herself for me called "Sacrificial Lamb," which was on my album "My Kind of World". My dad is an opera singer. We have had music in our family for generations."

RICO: That's great.

AMBER: "I grew up with all kinds of music, not just night club music. I was just a singer out there like everybody else looking for a gig. I had my regular job and I finished my school. I was smart enough to do all of that. Then, I started doing some cover songs at fashion shows. I got some exposure and people asked me to sing. One day I received a call from these producers who wanted to go into the studio with me and we wrote the song, "This is Your Night". I did not set out to be focus on a certain niche of music. It is just that in this country, radio is strictly categorized so they put you in a niche."

RICO AND PAULY: So unfortunate. I mean even though we love your night club music, I've listened to your other music. You are an amazing vocalist and also a very talented songwriter. I'm so glad that you were able to have that huge opportunity with the song "This is Your Night" because it opened a lot of doors for you, right?

Night Club Music
AMBER: "Absolutely. You know looking back, I could have said 'I wish I would have done this different, that different,' but every step leads to another step and quite honestly if I would have not been screwed over and been treated certain ways, I would have not been as tough as I am today and i would have not had my own label like I have today. I would not have understood enough about this industry to run my own situation and that is something that I really appreciate because now I do have musical freedom. Now, I can record whatever I want. I make the last decision on things. That is something that I worked hard for all these years and had to deal with certain hardships to get here."

RICO AND PAULY: Good for you. We have a question from Kevin in Chicago.

KEVIN: It's been 10 years since the song "Sexual" was written. I have the original handwritten lyrics on my wall. I got them from Amber. I look at the them all the day and they're just a wonderful gem to have on my wall.

RICO AND PAULY: Are you a big Amber fan?

KEVIN: I am a big Amber fan. Actually, my iPod went down the last few weeks and I've been listening to old CDs and I put in "My Kind of World" asnd "Naked" and I was just reminded how wonderful those two albums are and I think as I get older the dance remixes in general just don't capture my attention anymore. I really am drawn to the original productions on the albums. So I'm wondering Amber what's in store for you in 2008. Are you working on a new album with original night club music?

AMBER: "In a recent promo video, I said '2008 is going to be great'. When I say something like that, all hell breaks loose. Then my fans start sending me e-mail messages wanting to know. Quite honestly, I'm not going to expand about that Kevin, as much as I love you."

RICO AND PAULY: Let's just say that she has some surprises in store for you.

KEVIN: That's great! 'Cause I love all the guitar productions and the piano ballads. "Heavenly Proximity" on the "Naked" album is such a great song. It just never saw the light of day and people may not realize that those songs are out there.

RICO AND PAULY: Wow! He's a big of yours. He knows it all.

AMBER: "Kevin has been a fan for many years. There are certain people who just stick with me. After a show, I talk to fans during meet and greets and, you know we take pictures and stuff. I really like to spend time with my fans."
__Night Club Music

RICO AND PAULY: After "This is Your Night" broke, you had a lot of success with being on soundtracks and you had a string of night club music hits. It must have been a great feeling to know that your creations were heard by a big audience.

AMBER: "Oh absolutely. I feel very blessed. You know when you say dance music, the genre usually consists of artists who have one or two hits and then they disappear. I have been blessed to have had some longevity. Right now, we all know the music industry has been taking some really big turns. That's why many years ago I asked for release [from my major label contract] because I saw a big change coming. I saw a chance to take a more unconventional route. Obviously, we lost a lot of radio stations. There are only a handful of stations left that will even touch dance music. Our promotional outlets are very, very limited. So what we are trying to do with my label is take an unconventional route [in terms of promotion]. It's really not about selling 500,000 copies. I am satisfied to sell way less as long as I can do what I like doing and at least I don't have to give anybody a part of it because the label belongs to me and the masters belong to me."

RICO AND PAULY: What I like about you is that you kept your artistic integrity. You are doing what you want to do, you can make enough money by touring and you are still being yourself.

AMBER: "And I can be independent. Being with a label is very stressful. They want you to say certain things and look a certain way. It can get to you if you don't have enough self confidence."

RICO AND PAULY: What do you think of the current state of night club music?

AMBER: "Well like I said the promotional outlets are pretty much gone. I mean we can talk about internet radio and the unconventional stations that are appearing. We have to rely on the social networks like youtube, myspace, facebook, friendster, There are so many outlets where you can get exposure."

RICO AND PAULY: Well the internet is the way of the future and you have mastered it. I mean you are the hardest working woman. Just doing research on you exhausted me. You have so many updates. Your fans just adore you because of that.

AMBER: "As an artist, I learned many years ago not to be distant to the people who support your career. Obviously, I have my limits in terms of how far I will go but they are the people who support me so why not show my gratitude in that way. I know that they are interested and they like to stay updated on certain things."

RICO: Privacy limits are privacy limits. But reaching out to your fans and hanging out with your fans, I also believe is very, very important. Speaking of fans, we have a question from Valerie.

VALERIE: Amber, when are you going to do a show in Arizona?

AMBER: "I actually have been in Pheonix quite a few times. I've been in Tuscon as well."

RICO AND PAULY: So Amber, you dropped six new singles in one day last week.

AMBER: "They were not new in terms of the songs themselves. It just so happened that there is a lot of hit material that I brought out many years ago. I started out in 1996 with "This is Your Night." So now along the way I brought out four full length albums with Tommy Boy and then endless singles from these albums. What happened though was they sold my catalogue up to but not including "Naked" to Warner. So none of these albums or songs could be found on digital distribution platforms [like iTunes and Amazon]. I kept getting complaints from fans that they could not find "This is Your Night" and "One More Night", the big, big night club music hits. Those songs do not belong to me and Warner is not allowed to bring them out digitally because back then, it was not even an option. They will not physically produce them because physical CD sales are really down the drain. I mean one store after another is collapsing at this point. So I had re-recording clauses in my contracts for my own songs meaning that I could not even re-record those songs within a certain amount of time which has now lapsed. Now I can re-record these songs in different productions and put them out there on my own label and that's what I'm doing. My plan is to eventually release my entire catalogue of hits digitally."

__Night Club Music Artist Amber

RICO AND PAULY: Are you still getting royalties from your major label catalogue?

AMBER"A lot of my publishing shares were taken. The shares that were left to me were through another company because it was expected for me to sign up through another publishing company."

RICO AND PAULY: Well all that means is that you are going to have bigger and better music and more memorable hits. They just keep coming.

AMBER"Yeah well that's why it's very important for me to run my ship the right way or at least the way that I think it should be done. I am just one of hundreds of thousands of artists out there throughout the years who have been through the same staff as I have. Beacause we are creative people, we are not very good at the business part. A lot of artists get discovered and before you know it, they've signed their lives away. A lot of independent artists ask me for career advice. I tell them to make sure that they do their math and understand their rights and their duties in this business. The time for indie artists to shine is right now. There are so many promotional opportunities that are available right now if you get creative. You can really make it happen for yourself these days. It's amazing." 

RICO AND PAULY: The internet is really the wave. Getting heard is a little easier right now through places like MySpace. You have your own Myspace page, correct?

AMBER"Yes, it's

RICO AND PAULY: And you're on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster?  Your night club music is available everywhere?"

Night Club Music Artist Amber

AMBER"Yes, I have international digital distribution. So pretty much wherever you want to get my night club music, you'll find it there."

RICO AND PAULY: Any hints for 2008? You gonna be on the road?

AMBER"Yes, always. You know that's what I do. I've always been touring. Whenever venues call up and want me to perform, that's where you'll find me. I am still an active touring artist. I am obviously working on a few other projects which I am not going to talk about, sorry guys."

RICO AND PAULY: No don't talk about it. Leave us in suspense. The homos love drama.

AMBER"Exactly." (Laughs)

RICO AND PAULY: What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?

AMBER"First of all, you've gotta love what you do. Don't do it for the wrong reasons because the people who do it for the wrong reasons won't have staying power. You have to deal with a lot of negative crap in this industry. But these days are really filled with opportunity even though the internet has brought a lot of damage to our sales. You know guys, you really have to understand that if you do not support an artist, the artist will not come out with new material. That's how it goes. You guys pretty much finance the next project of your favourite artist."

RICO AND PAULY: Pay for those night club music downloads. Do not steal them!

AMBER"There are many unconventional opportunities out theres as I said with youtube, myspace, friendster, ilike. There are so many possible outlets. You just have to be creative. If you are a creative person, make a video. Make it something that has a wow factor, some shock value. Just get yourself out there. You see how many reality people are being discovered right now on youtube. It can happen to you if you transfer it into music."

RICO AND PAULY: Do something that sets you apart.

AMBER"Absolutely. Be yourself. Your individuality is something special. I don't know why people are trying to copy each other constantly. It just drive me nuts. Be yourself. You're good enough."

RICO AND PAULY: Amber, thank you so much for talking with us. Is there anything you'd like to leave us with?

AMBER"To all my fans out there, thank you so much for supporting me the last freaking almost twelve years. It's been a great journey. I would do everything over again." 

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