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An Interview With Amber, Part II

Gay Club Music

From, June, 2010.
(For Part I, click here.)
By Joshua O'Connell

__Gay Club Music
Much of Amber’s success comes from the song selection she makes, which no matter how it’s produced seems to have a strong construction. She said that’s no accident. “ I am looking for strong lyrics with a message and also a strong song structure that can be interpreted in many ways musically. I was marketed toward the Dance genre, which was not something I had expected starting out. For me, music is music, as long as it has quality to it.”

Her success also comes from her maintaining a website that’s geared directly towards her hardcore fans, and a trio of social networking sites she maintains a presence to stay connected, including a video blog on YouTube that lets fans check out what she’s up to. She's also got profiles on Facebook and MySpace.

More recently, Amber has released a trio of singles that have varied in approach, something that keeps her fresh. “Melt With the Sun” ( is a hauntingly beautiful dance track, well-crafted in its initial approach but with a Hex Hector mix is given a new spin that’s equally enjoyable. A duet with Zelma Davis, “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)” revives the classic from Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand to great effect, while her first proper ballad single, “I Don’t Believe in Hate (Drip Drop)” may be one of her best ballads to date.

Gay Club Music
Amber says she didn’t fear releasing a ballad to a fan base who may be more familiar with her up tempo numbers.

“I always set up remixes for the Dance fans- I get to do what I want to do and always make sure I serve up the up tempo mixes too, so my fans are happy.”

Her new strategy of releasing singles, as opposed to albums, has a lot to do with the changing music industry.

“An album is not in sight, as long as the illegal file sharing issue has not been resolved to an amicable level,” she said. “I expect quality in production and that does not come cheap. I’d rather not come out with an album than to come out with some half-assed piece of work. It is financially a huge investment to make to then just find it being illegally shared everywhere.”

Amber says that she’s made changes as a result of falling music sales. It’s a topic she’s been very passionate about over the years, and one she didn’t hold back on during our interview as well.

__Gay Club Music
“I do not distribute physical copies anymore only a limited edition over my site or at shows and the rest has all went digital internationally,” she said. “The issue of illegal file sharing is far from over. It has ruined many artists and writers, producers and remixers out there and has declined the number of releases and also declined the quality of music out there. And the line of the affected jobs that are tied in is much, much longer...And the fans are just experiencing the tip of that right now.”

“The real backlash has started and fans will have to rethink their priorities. NOBODY works and puts energy in something, that does not pay their bills and that is just the reality of it all. It is just amazing how people are still too greedy to pay one buck for a song that inspires them and makes them feel good. Imagine one day of your life without music...nobody goes out in their right mind and walks into a store and steals a loaf of bread...but yet they think that stealing our intellectual property is okay.”

Amber thinks fans should support the artists they love by clicking “Buy” at iTunes and Amazon to support both her and the ability to produce more music going forward. “I love what I do and work very hard for it and people need to understand that I am not a millionaire,” she said, “but I am trying hard to sustain and give my fans what they want. And that is the reality of many artists out there at this point.”

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