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Dance Music Artists Classic Interview: Amber on "Profiles"

Part IV of a Classic Interview with Amber on "Profiles":

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Amber - Above the Clouds
Mickey Burns: I know also you take very seriously the fact that you are becoming a role model. A lot of performers don't want to touch that. They say 'I'm not a role model'. But you take that very seriously don't you?

Amber: I take it serious to the point as where you cannot help it to be one. It's not that I want to be set up as one. Obviously, in this position, people are looking up to you and they take it very serious and they listen very carefully to what you are saying. So I write lyrics ... for me it is a therapy to write off all the problems because I have issues too like everybody else. But sometimes I have lyrics that are very, very deep and go to an end where I think back and say, if I were to make a song out of this, how would people perceive that one and how would they act up and live up to that? I have this one lyric called "I Don't Want to Live Anymore". It's really a suicidal song about a person that lost a relationship. I put it to the side and I said, you know what, I might endanger somebody with that or give them an idea of what to do with themselves at that particular point. Even though you cannot help every situation because, you know,

__Dance Music Artists: Amber in Sao Paulo
you're not God at least I am rethinking things when I am writing that it's getting perceived in a ...

MB: And how it will affect others.

A: ... yes exactly. I don't wanna, you know ... I really want to make sure that everthing has a positive message to it and people are not harming each other or doing something that is fatal.

MB: Kids are very impressionable, especially with the stars that they look up to and it can have a profound impact on them.

A: I think especially in the United States. They have this big heroism ... I always say 'issue', it's almost a problem that they have here in the United States. Whereas people ask me 'who do you look up to?' , 'who do you idolize?' ... I said for me, it's my Mom. I know my Mom professionally, I know her personally and that's how I can look up to a person. Just because a person is good at sports, for instance, and makes tons of money, that doesn't mean that I can look up to this person, because I don't know what he's doing at home ...

Dance Music Artists:
Amber - The Need to Be Naked
MB: Now you are also developing a reputation as a fine songwriter. The talk around town is that Amber, she has a lot to say and she can write good music. When you sit down to write a song, how do you start?

A: Well, how do I start? It can be any day ...

MB: Music first? Lyrics first? How do you get started?

A: No, I always do lyrics first. For me, like I said before, it's a therapy. I go through a certain situation and I'm thinking uhhh. Sometimes, you know, when you talk to a person, you communicate, it only puts oil on the fire. You know what I mean? So for me, the best thing is sometimes just write it off and I write it down in rhymes. And then, I'm collaborating with a guy in Germany that I've been collaborating with for the past twelve years. He understands exactly what I am saying and he tries to reflect the lyrics into music. I give him a rough line, a rough singing line, over the phone, of course, because we hardly get to see each other. And then, by the time I get back to Germany to spend some time with him, we sit down and go over it. He really puts the stuff down the way I want to hear it. He knows me inside out. And I know him inside out. So it's really a great collaboration.

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