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Dance diva Amber arrived on the music scene in 1996. Her first release, "This is Your Night," became an International mainstream hit and stayed in the charts for nearly two years. The track was licensed for countless compilations, featured in the hit film "A Night at the Roxbury," and took it's place in pop culture history as one of the best loved, and most recognizable, dance songs of the Nineties. Recently, after multiple requests from her fans, Amber re-recorded a new contemporary and remixed version for digital distribution. After the worldwide success of "This is Your Night", Amber released an album of the same name, which spawned two more hits. Her second single, "The Colour of Love", also charted on the US Hot 100 and became her first Top 5 hit on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart. Despite it's commercial success, Amber has since revealed that she was not at all happy with the song and she no longer includes it in her live show playlists.

__ Dance Diva Amber
For the followup to "Colour of Love", her label at the time, Tommy Boy, commissioned remixes of a ballad from her debut album. "One More Night" remixed became her third track in a row to chart on the American Hot 100 and her third consecutive Top Ten on the Dance Chart. Amber recently re-recorded "One More Night" and brand new remixes are available internationally over most digital download sites.

1n 1998, while still basking in the glow of her initial mainstream success, Amber joined with Dance Divas Ultra Nate and Jocelyn Enrique to form the trio "Stars on 54". Collectively, they recorded a cover of "If You Could Read My Mind", which became the theme of the Mike Meyer's film "54". To promote the track, the trio performed live on national television in North America and Europe.

"If You Could Read My Mind" became Amber's highest charting track in her career to that date, hitting #3. In Canada, where the song's writer, Gordon Lightfoot, is considered a national treasure, the release was a mainstream Top Ten hit and is still in rotation on the world famous CHUM-FM radio station in Toronto to this day.

By the time "If You Could Read My Mind" was peaking, Amber was readying her second album for release. It's first official single and, indeed, her career, were about to explode.

Clubland Superstardom

The biggest hit of Dance
Diva Amber's Career______

By 1999, dance artist Amber had already scored four top ten hits. Her career was soaring and dance music fans eagerly awaited her next single.

The artist worked with songwriters Rick Nowels (Madonna, Kylie Minogue) and Billy Steinberg (Celine Dion, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston) to write material for her sophomore album, which was simply titled “Amber”. She also cowrote with her longtime producer Wolfram Dettki, who has been the one constant in her career to this day.

On it’s arrival, the "Amber" album’s first single “Sexual (Li La Di)” became one of the biggest dance club tracks of the era. It went to #1 on the Dance Club Play as well as the Dance Singles Sales Charts and cracked no less than 3 other Billboard Charts, including the Hot 100.

“Sexual” was the first of a string of 6 consecutive #1 hits for Amber. It's followup, “Above the Clouds”, also hit the top spot and became a best selling CD Single.

By now, Amber was one of the most in demand live performers in clubland and was touring the globe. Her music was everywhere, including in the red hot HBO TV series, “Sex and the City”, which featured “Above the Clouds” and album track “Object of Your Desire”.

To capitalize on her success in the dance music genre, her label, Tommy Boy, was readying a new single and a greatest hits remixed CD. This much anticipated CD was also to include a brand new song recorded for the “Sex and the City” TV Soundtrack. 

The Hits Remixed

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_featured on 90s music
_compilation CD

By the end of 2000, Amber’s career was on fire. Her first six singles “This is Your Night”, “The Colour of Love”, “One More Night”, “If You Could Read My Mind”, “Sexual (Li Da Di), and “Above the Clouds” were not only smash dance chart hits but the later two were also best selling CD singles. Her videos were all over television and her music was appearing on compilations back to back with tracks by superstars like Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian, and Kelly Clarkson.

Based on these successes, Tommy Boy, Amber’s label at the time, was busy plotting their next move. “Love One Another”, a third single from the “Amber (1999)" album was already being remixed. But rather than use it to promote a maxi single only, they decided to capitalize on her dance chart popularity by releasing a full length greatest hits CD as well.

Dance Diva Amber
The Hits Remixed

“The Hits Remixed” included a brand new mix of “Love One Another” (by Pathos V2 aka Wolfram Dettki) as well as rare and unreleased remixes of previous hits. It also featured two versions of “Taste the Tears”, an original song by Diane Warren (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey) which Amber recorded for the “Sex and the City” TV Soundtrack.

With a flashy video to promote it, the “Love One Another” single became Amber’s third consecutive #1 hit. Although “Taste the Tears” was never an official single, the Thunderpuss (Barry Harris and Chris Cox) produced track did receive significant club play on the strength of Amber’s high profile in this market.

In 2001, Amber was back in the studio recording a new album. This time, she had plans to create a CD that would cross over to an even bigger mainstream pop audience. 

The #1 Dance Diva in the World Naked

Dance Diva Amber "Naked"
includes "Yes" and
"The Need to Be Naked"____

In 2001, Amber released "Yes" the first single from her upcoming CD "Naked". Like the three singles that preceded it, namely "Sexual (Li Da Di)", "Above the Clouds", and "Love One Another", "Yes" went to #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart.

"Yes" is perhaps unique in the history of dance singles in that it drew inspiration and lyrics from a classic work of literature. The chorus is from the final words of Molly Bloom's soliloquy in the James Joyce novel "Ulysses".

After "Yes" had peaked on the charts, Amber's label at the time decided to release a second single "The Need to Be Naked", even though the album had yet to be scheduled for release. True to form, "Naked", the single, become the fifth consecutive #1 hit for the artist.

__ Dance Diva Amber

By now, Amber was being billed by promoters as the #1 dance artist in the world and it's easy to understand why. Her singles were cross over smashes, every release was an essential addition to dance radio and club DJ playlists, and her career as a live performer was soaring. Furthermore, her songs had been recorded by industry heavyweights like Bette Midler ("Bette", 2000) and Cher ("Living Proof", 2001).

Privately though, Amber was unhappy. She had worked long and hard on her new CD with a who's who of industry talent, including Arnie Roman (Celine Dion, Cher), Jimmy Harry (Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue) and Billy Steinberg and Rick Nowels (holdovers from the "Amber" album). She had fought successfully to include pop songs that were more representative of her as a singer and songwriter and, her friend and preferred writing partner, Wolfram Dettki, was finally getting the respect he deserved as the album's producer. She was becoming increasingly frustrated, therefore, that two singles had peaked and gone and the album still had not been released.

"Naked" finally saw the light of day in late 2002 and, though it became her highest charting album peaking at #7, Amber still felt that the delays had sabotaged it's sales. Nevertheless, the album was packed with singleworthy tracks like "Dirty Thoughts" and "Don't Say Goodbye" and continues to be a top seller from her catalogue to this day.

After the full length CD dropped, one more single, "Anyway (Men are From Mars)", was culled from the set. "Anyway" became Amber's tenth consecutive top ten hit.

Shortly afterwards, she bought out her Tommy Boy contract, thus ending a successful 7 year major label recording career. With the industry in a panic over the growing trend of illegal filesharing, Amber got busy planning to relaunch her career on her own terms as an Independent Artist. 

Her Kind of World
The Dance Diva Explores a New Sound

In 2004, dance diva Amber launched her career as an independent artist by releasing “My Kind of World” on her own label, JMCA. This full length CD represented a significant departure for the artist whose previous albums had been firmly planted in the dance pop genre.

“My Kind of World”, in many respects, defied categorization, borrowing liberally from genres as diverse as electronica, alt rock, jazz, and even country. While her music up to this time was light, upbeat and happy, the tone of this album was dark and serious.

Billboard Magazine called the CD a “rewarding departure”. The reaction from fans was equally promising. Reviewers on Amazon.com said “This album rocked my expectations”, “There is not a single moment of the album I did not like”, and “This has to be one of the best CD's I have ever bought”.

Due to a limited marketing budget and the resulting lack of exposure, “My Kind of World” didn’t chart. The singles, however, were a different story.

“You Move Me”, the first single, became Amber’s eleventh top ten dance hit (counting “If You Could Read My Mind”, which was credited to “Stars on 54”), rising to #4. It’s followup, “Voodoo”, also became a respectable hit, peaking at #13. Finally, “Just Like That”, the album’s third and last single, returned Amber to the top ten on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart as well as the Dance Radio Chart.

By 2006, the industry had evolved into a singles market. As a result, the next five Amber releases would be stand alone remix EPs. 

A Return to Dance

After the top ten dance radio success of “Just Like That”, the third single from “My Kind of World”, fans wondered if Amber would release a fourth track from the album. “Sacrificial Lamb”, which had emerged as a favorite of fans and critics alike, seemed an obvious choice, but it was not to be. As the artist explained it later, “Sacrificial Lamb” was the wrong tempo for a remix and she was not motivated to go back into the studio to try to rework the song. She chose instead to move on to the next project.

By the mid 2000s, a singles market had emerged. Sales of full length albums were down dramatically as fans cherry picked the songs they wanted and ignored the rest. Until the market improved, Amber decided to play it safe and stick to releasing stand alone singles. Her next release would not disappoint.

“Melt With the Sun”, issued in 2007, was hailed as a return to dance diva Amber's classic sound after she had explored darker moods and themes on "My Kind of World". The maxi single included a who’s who of remix artists: Grammy winner Hex Hector, DJ Tracy Young, and Al B. Rich, to name a few. Not surprisingly, “Melt With the Sun” became a hit on the Billboard “Dance/Club Play Chart” as well as Top40-Charts.com's “World Trance Singles” chart.


Dance Diva Amber

The following year, Amber began implementing her plan to re-record her original hits for release digitally. Deciding which song to tackle first was easy. "This is Your Night", her debut single, was still extremely popular, racking up views of the original video on YouTube in the millions. Yet, at the time, it wasn't available for legal download.

The remake, issued as a three track digital only maxi single, was a variation of the 1996 song remixed for today's dance floors. As always, the fans supported the single en masse, with many stating that they preferred the new version to the original.

As it turned out the "This is Your Night" re-release was just a teaser for bigger things to come later in the year. Unbeknowst to the fans, the club music artist was hard at work in the studio remaking a legendary duet with another 90's Dance Diva. 

Remaking a Legendary Duet

Throughout her career, Amber has released on average one single annually (not to mention 4 albums, one greatest hits remixed CD, and 2 collector's edition CDs of rare songs and unreleased mixes) and 2008 was no different. Early that year, she released a remake of her debut song “This is Your Night” and by summer, she advised fans that yet another single was on the way.

This time Amber pulled out all the stops. “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)” was a cover of the classic Donna Summer/Barbra Streisand disco hit and Amber had recruited Zelma Davis, formerly of C+C Music Factory, as her duet partner.  The dance divas and producer Wolfram Dettki worked hard to make the track their own. They accomplished this by updating the sound and adding a dueling Divas segment that brought the energy to a fever pitch.

During this time, the number of dance radio stations in the USA had declined dramatically and having a traditional hit on some charts no longer necessarily translated into sales. As a result, Amber’s label JMCA decided against traditional radio and Club DJ promotion on this release. Instead, they commissioned a slick, storyline video to promote the song directly to the fans online.

__ Dance Diva Amber

In the first few weeks of release, “No More Tears” was downloaded tens of thousands of times worldwide, making it a bonafide hit. Many of those downloads, however, were under the radar as they came from blogs and illegal filesharing platforms.

The situation so enraged Amber that she wrote two passionate posts on the topic on her official blog. In addition, her label invested a significant amount time having the song removed from the offending sites.

Despite the setback, “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)” was ultimately a successful single for the artist and, she hoped to put the diversion behind her. For the follow up, Amber recorded an original song that she had discovered on MySpace. This time, she planned to carefully manage the release schedule to prevent the track from leaking online but her worst fears would soon be realized once again. 

#7 Dance Singles Sales Artist of the Decade

After the success of "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)", her duet with Zelma Davis, Amber paused to consider what she would do next. Reportedly, she briefly toyed with the idea of remaking "If You Could Read My Mind" with Davis but ultimately decided to follow up with a new original single.

Amber discovered the track "Your Words" by Kelly Jo Mueller on MySpace. She felt an immediate connection to the song and contacted Mueller for permission to be the first to issue it internationally. On it's release in 2009, the retitled "I Don't Believe in Hate (Drip Drop)" became the 16th official American single of her career.

Amber's label JMCA carefully managed the release schedule to prevent the song from leaking online. Despite their best efforts, however, a U.K. MP3 store mistakenly offered the song for sale a week early and, almost immediately, the song began popping up on file sharing sites worldwide.

Although thousands of legitimate sales were lost, "Drip Drop" was ultimately a successful project for the artist. As further validation of her success, in December of 2009, Billboard Magazine announced that Amber was the #7 Dance Singles Sales Artist of the Decade, ahead of mainstream superstars like Cher, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Looking forward to a new decade, Amber planned to re-record and release another one of her classic hits. In addition, she would soon begin writing her first full length album since 2004, which she promised would consist of mostly uptempo dance songs. 

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