Amber - The Dance Anthems, Vol. 1
The full length club remixes

The Playlist, Volume 1

1. This is Your Night (Junior’s Sunday Night
Bump Mix)
2. One More Night (Hani)
3. If You Could Read My Mind (Hex Hector)
4. Sexual (Li Da Di) (Thunderpuss)
5. Above the Clouds (Jonathan Peters)
6. Love One Another (Rosabel)
7. Yes (HQ2 Big Room Club Mix)
8. The Need to Be Naked (Guido Osorio’s
Virgin Mix)
9. Anyway (Men Are From Mars) (Al B. Rich
Club Mix)
10. You Move Me (Mike Cruz Tribal Vox Mix)
11. Voodoo (Sweet Rains Club Mix)
12. Just Like That (Jason Nevins Club Mix)
13. Melt With the Sun (Hex Hector Club Mix)
14. No More Tears (Enough is Enough)
(Solar City Epic Club Mix)
15. I Don’t Believe in Hate (Drip Drop) (Yinon
Yahel Extended Mix)
16. This is Your Night (Pathos V2 Extended Mix)__
17. One More Night (Extended)

Although dance artist Amber’s first taste of success was on the American Top 40, it is in the dance clubs that her career thrives. Her first club length remix was Junior’s Sunday Night Bump Mix of “This is Your Night”. Billboard called it “…Euro-NRG of the highest and most festive quality … this single has smash stamped all over it."

Hani’s remix of “One More Night” (Hani) and the Hex Hector Anthem Mix of “If You Could Read My Mind” followed, helping to increase her profile. It was Amber’s next release, however, that solidified her status as dance floor royalty.

The Thunderpuss remix of “Sexual (Li Da Di)” was one of the biggest dance club hits of 1999 and early 2000s. It stayed at #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart for an astounding 17 weeks and went on to become a modern day classic.

“Sexual” wasn’t just an Anthem it was the Anthem of a generation. To this day, Amber says she couldn’t not sing it, joking that she wouldn’t get out of a venue alive if she tried.

"Remixed by Thunderpuss 2000 into an anthem that is even more seductive, this is the kind of song that will move listeners to lovingly embrace the heroine they were introduced to a few years ago via the massive hit "This Is Your Night." The original version of "Sexual" was as powerful as a lightning bolt, and it's hard to imagine it being improved upon, but sure enough this potent remix has just the right elements to send this one over the top". (Billboard)

Amber’s next release was “Above the Clouds”. Billboard said ""Above The Clouds" percolates with joy, positive energy, and a bold beat that soars into the skies. With this latest treat, we're all witness to a star blazing its trail into the stratosphere. Club pundits, meanwhile, will eat up Jonathan Peters' heart-pounding,trance-induced Sound Factory excursion, complete with drumrolls, soaring synth rides, and Amber's powerful vocals flying high above. This is as good as it gets." The same could be said of Amber.

Dance anthem version of "Love One Another"
Amber next three dance anthems, “Love One Another” (Rosabel), “Yes” (HQ2), and “The Need to Be Naked” (Guido Osorio), followed "Sexual" and "Above the Clouds" to the top of the dance charts. By 2002, Amber was being billed as the #1 dance artist in the world.

And the hits have kept coming. This set also includes her recent dance anthems “Melt With the Sun” (Hex Hector), “No More Tears (Enough is Enough” (with Zelma Davis of C+C Music Factory) and “I Don’t Believe in Hate (Drip Drop)” (Yinon Yahel).

In 2008 and again in 2010, Amber recorded fresh new takes on her original hits “This is Your Night” and “One More Night,” respectively. The extended remixes are included here as bonus tracks.

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