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Part II of a Classic Interview with Amber on "Profiles":

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Mickey Burns: We spoke at "Miracle on 34th" street in December and I realized after speaking with you that there's much more to you than just a Dance Diva. Your parents were also musically inclined. A lot of people don't realize that. Tell us about your parents.

Amber: "My Father is an opera singer. My Mother is a piano teacher and also a songwriter. I just recently found out about a year ago that my great grandmother founded the first girl group in 1901. So that's really a funny thing ... her Father again was a composer and a pianist. And my Grandfather was also a composer and a pianist. It just goes on for generations and I think it's something that's within you that you really wanna do. I mean we learned to express ourselves with music from a young age on. It was just a kind of language that we were using within our family. Some people take French, English, German or ... dance as a body language ... we expressed it in writing music. I think in the end there was nothing else that I wanted to do so I feel blessed again that I ended up in this business."

MB: You also feel, I believe, that you have a lot to say. Do you also feel that doing it in the kind of music that you are kinda locked into now is fulfilling that need for you?

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A: "I don't really feel myself locked in and I think it's more in the eye of the beholder to say 'oh she's locked in or she's only doing this or doing that'. I think people who have listened to my second album hear very well that there's a variety of music styles that I can go when I want to go and I am going. People always say 'oh dance music'. What is that? I think what is that ... It's uptempo music that people can dance to but it doesn't have to anything with shallowness. You can have a deep lyric to it. You can dance to rock music. You can dance to any kind of music. My goal is definitely that, you know, I wanna represent myself in a variety of music and I think it's getting there. People start recognizing that I'm not just a disposable puppet. They've come to the conclusion right now like hey there's a lot more to her, which is good. I mean I know it for myself so that's the most important thing. My parents know it for themselves that's the most important thing."

MB: And in speaking with you that night after the concert ... one thing that you were concerned about was that even though you've had so many hits in such a short period of time, that not everyone was able to put a face to the music. Do you see that changing?

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A: "I see that changing right now. I mean that also has to do with imaging. It also has to do probably with your record company believing in you or not. I don't ... I take the negative as a positive. For me right now is at a point where people could not put a face to the music. They like the songs but I take it as an advantage right now because for me it's a new fresh start. I'm getting to a point right now, for instance, where I have Billy Steinberg and Rick Nowels also known as writers for Madonna, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion ... like really big writers ... and I have a steady writing companionship with them now. I just finished writing a soundtrack for an animated Disney movie ...."

MB: So you're branching out a little bit too.

A: "Yeah, I started writing for other people. I just started writing for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera. I'm trying to get also a little bit behind the scenes. I want to eventually get to producing people so we'll see what happens. I mean I can only obviously take it day by day but I'm very, very busy."

MB: Your days are full.

A: "Yeah."

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