Club Music 2000s
An Interview With Dance Artist Amber, Part III

Club Music 2000s
From, June, 2005
By DJ Ron Slomowicz

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__Club Music 2000s
RS: Why do you think you inspire such a loyal following?

Amber: "I am very lucky because people love the music and can identify with me and my stories. I like to think that I really do not turn fans down and that I'm very personable. I think that fans feel that and become very loyal."

RS: Do you ever notice the difference between performing to a gay crowd and performing to a straight crowd?

Amber: "I've been very lucky, because I've had receptive crowds all over the place. I've never really had a bummed-out crowd unless there's a huge snowstorm going on, like a few months ago. Instead of the club being full there was only "a hundred and fifty people that made it" braving the snowstorm to see the performance. It ended up being a great show even with the crazy story. Maybe a straight crowd would be a tiny bit more reserved than a gay crowd, but that's about it. There's more excitement with a gay crowd and they're always extremely thankful. Like I said, I've been very lucky to have been very welcomed by any kind of crowd."

Club Music 2000s
RS: The last time I saw you perform in New York you asked the crowd for requests, had you ever done that before?

Amber: "Oh that was very nice of me. I try to switch up the show a little here and there. Sometimes I show up for a show with a huge lineup and the promoter says that you can only do two songs. That night, I decided to let the crowd decide which ones. It's funny though, because should I ever try to leave a club without singing Sexual - I'd be mocked! I have prepared this little clip which contains all my hits to make promoters understand, there are certain songs that are standard for my repertoire for the crowd. They come and pay the entrance to hear these kind of songs, because they can relate to them at a certain time in their life when they have heard this song and that's something that they really need to hear tonight."

RS: What's been your favorite remix of one of your songs?

Amber: "I would probably have to say the Afterlife remix of Sexual."

RS: So do you perform at a lot of gay clubs around the county?

Amber: "Oh yes, of course, and you know it, Ron. They are a really solid fan base and people always ask me how come, why do you think that? I am not sure why but I think gay clubs mostly play dance music and the dancers identify with the stories that I sing. I love all my fans and the gay crowds have always been very loyal and I love them for their support."

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