If you've been a frequent visitor to Dance Music Space, then you've no doubt noticed the changes that we are in the process of making. If you're an Amber fan, don't worry. We're building a brand new section that is dedicated solely to Amber. We're still her official website and you will continue to get the latest news about her right here as well as in the newsletter, which will be launched in Spring, 2016.

So what are we doing?  In a nutshell, we're turning the site, true to it's name, into a dance music space that is dedicated to dance divas and club remixes.  Subscribe to be notified when we have launched.


In the coming months, you can expect to find interviews with your favourite dance divas.  


Stay tuned for reviews and news on all the latest dance songs and club remixes available for download. 


Discover exclusive, curated club music playlists that you can download at iTunes or stream online.


Stay up to date on the hot tickets and experience divas live in pictures and on video.

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